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How to bake delicious,yummy cupcakes in just 20-25 minute

This is a very soft and moist coconut carrot cupcake which consists of coconut brown sugar, and flavored with spices. They are also topped with silky smooth cream cheese frosting which is similar to carrot cake.

Carrot Cake Should be Spiced & Moist

Carrot cake is good only if it is very moist and spiced well. Dry carrot cake doesn’t taste good enough. This final product will enhance more  flavorful and moist carrot cake cupcakes. There are many moist makers in these carrot cake cupcakes and in this recipe oil, brown sugar to the eggs and Greek yogurt plays a key role as moist maker.

Check the 2 ingredients which play major role here

Carrots: We need whole carrots and grate them in a clean bowl . Using fresh carrots would be really a good tip since shredded carrots which are available in markets are much drier and thicker and we can miss a lot of moisture which might give a good cupcake.

Coconut: Since carrot has a major role in this recipe, we cannot ignore the coconut. It is always best to use shredded coconut which is sweetened  in these  cupcakes recipes  as it is a little sticky and adds more moisture to these cupcakes. 

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